Understanding and Curing the Healthcare Crisis:

A Wise Way to Better Outcomes and Lower Costs

By Stephen E. Beller, Ph.D. and Sabatini J. Monatesti

Welcome to the Wellness Wiki! We offer this wiki to help clarify the complex problems plaguing the U.S. healthcare system and develop sustainable ways to improve the health and well-being of all people. This virtual encyclopedia of the healthcare crisis and potential remedies. We welcome your comments! To become a contributor, please contact smonatesti@verizon.net or Dr. Beller

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  • Denham Grey, PhD
  • Bruce W. Jones
  • Dmitriy Kruglyak
  • Robert Lamberts, MD
  • Thomas R. Leith, MBA
  • Gary M. Levin, MD
  • Terry Loftus, MD
  • Richard Mata, MD
  • Robert Margenthaler, PhD
  • Lynne Nemeth, PhD, RN
  • Thomas R. Zastowny, PhD

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