The U.S. healthcare system is on the verge of collapse: Medical malpractice suits are rampant; cost-effective treatment is rare; millions cannot afford health insurance; and emergency rooms are over-crowded as a result. Many healthcare providers are squeezed financially, and are unable to spend adequate time with their patients because arbitrary rules control costs without regard to quality of care.

Our healthcare system is widely acclaimed for its technological hardware, yet ranks embarrassingly low in performance, access and fairness. Can it be reformed to benefit all stakeholders -- patients, providers, employers and insurers?

We believe the answer is yes.

This wiki examines financial policies, clinical practices and health information technologies, as well as the causes and consequences of low-quality care. We develop a sound blueprint for solving the healthcare crisis based on knowledge gained over the past 20 years in research and collaboration with a wide variety of healthcare professionals.

Our strategy changes healthcare policies and practices by focusing on health maintenance, care quality improvement, and the use of new information technologies.

Wellness-Plus Solution™

Our Wellness-Plus Solution™ is a dynamic model for increasing physical and psychological health and improving overall quality-of-life. It’s a compassionate, consumer-centered system that makes people healthier for less money by delivering cost-effective preventive, catastrophic, and end-of-life care. It focuses on building a system that fosters knowledge-building collaboration and research, use of advanced decision-support tools, and implementation of policies and practices promoting wellness.

We recognize the moral responsibility to provide all our citizens with a functional and sustainable healthcare system. Therefore, our “birth-to-death” model transforms our current reactive institutions into flexible, adaptive and quality-driven organizations designed to improve health outcomes and control costs by promoting:
  • Proactive prevention and health maintenance;
  • Personalized care;
  • Easy, economical, and powerful health information technology;
  • Evidence-based treatment decisions;
  • Universal coverage and equitable access to care;
  • An efficient yet compassionate payment system; and
  • Productive competition.

Our simulations show how the implementation of Wellness-Plus Solution lowers costs and creates continuous quality improvement.

Advanced Health Information Technology

True quality improvement requires an integrated clinical information system with Diagnostic Aids, Electronic Health Record (EHR), Computer Physician Order Entry (CPOE), Computerized Practice Guidelines & Clinical Pathways, Plan-of-Care Execution and Coordination, Biosurveillance & First Responder Assistance, Knowledge Management, and Business Intelligence tools, all with advanced decision support and information-sharing capabilities. These tools improve treatment selection and delivery by 1) assisting providers in diagnosing their patients’ problems, 2) generating appropriate plans of care using evidence-based clinical guidelines, 3) executing and coordinating these care plans, and 4) evaluating clinical outcomes.

The Wellness-Plus Solution technologies are affordable tools designed to improve healthcare quality by streamlining scientific research and collaboration. They help increase healthcare efficiency, reduce unnecessary tests and procedures, protect the public, and build medical knowledge-bases for decision support.

Currently, health information technology is used primarily for administrative purposes. By adding decision-support tools to improve patient wellness and safety, and by facilitating the widespread sharing and review of clinical studies, we hope to create a sea change and transform our healthcare system.

A Call for Collaboration

By defining the key issues surrounding the healthcare crisis, by organizing them in a logical overview, and by presenting innovative strategic solutions, we seek to raise awareness and encourage debate about healthcare’s future.

Since new proposals appear in the press, on the Internet, and in blogs everyday, we designed the Wellness-Plus Solution to grow through continual collaboration and feedback. We created this wiki for questions, comments and ideas. Please consider joining our growing community of healthcare consumers and professionals to discuss key issues and help us develop sound solutions for a better tomorrow.

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